Dave Bresnahan is the Weight Loss Medic

Weight Loss Medic

Dave Bresnahan, the Weight Loss Medic.

Dave Bresnahan is a licensed EMT and has been involved in helping people prevent health problems for over 30 years. He is currently the Director of the 501 c 3 non-profit Association for Health and Wellness, Inc., where he has served as a volunteer for 30 years.

A4HW provides smoking cessation, first aid and CPR classes, as well as health and wellness resources. A4HW relies entirely on volunteers and has no paid staff.

Dave was an NCAA gymnast, and went on to coach teams in high schools and private training centers. He was on the board of directors of the U.S. Gymnastics Safety Assoc., and co-wrote the Gymnastics Safety Certification Manual. He also served as Coach of the USA Men’s Gymnastics Team for competitions in 1986.

Dave has always preferred prevention and alternative health to allopathic medicine and practices whenever possible. Recently he served as the director of public relations for ZYTO, a bio tech company providing assessment tools used primarily by alternative health practitioners.

Each summer you will find Dave Bresnahan at a Boy Scout camp where he spends 10 weeks as the camp medic. Not only does he help the Scouts with their cuts and injuries, he helps the Scout leaders with free weight loss consultations and a week-long program to get them started losing weight.

Dave Bresnahan spent many years in journalism and broadcasting, was a talk show host and owned a radio station, and was a pioneer of Internet news journalism in the 90s when other journalists thought no one would ever read a newspaper online. His career expanded into public relations and new media publicity and now provides consulting services to small businesses at ThatPRGuy.com. He was also a member of the Utah House of Representatives. He says the work he is doing now to help people obtain better health is far more rewarding than anything he did as a politician.

Dave puts in many hours of volunteer services. As mentioned above, he spends 10 weeks each summer as the medic for a Boy Scout summer camp, volunteers for the Medical Reserve Corps, coaches youth sports in his community, serves as a Boy Scout leader, and volunteers to teach first aid and CPR classes to youth group leaders in addition to his volunteer services to A4HW.

He maintains a personal blog at www.Bresnahan.org.



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