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The Benefits of Weight Loss

There are people who love you and want you to be around for a very long time. Studies have shown that weight loss of 10 percent or more of your total body weight can increase your life expectancy. If you are overweight or obese, you are a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen. Is it fair to the people you love to see that happen?

I’m and EMT. I’ve been trained to save lives. It is extremely challenging to save an overweight person who has suffered a heart attack. Even with the latest techniques and AED equipment, the chances of survival are slim. I don’t work on an ambulance crew, but those guys get 9-1-1 calls every day for heart attacks. Each time they struggle because they see grieving families standing around watching as they try to revive a loved one. It doesn’t have to happen.

I am going to help you so that does not happen to you, if you will let me.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the top ten leading causes of death are (weight loss can reduce the risk of the ones in red): Read more

Weight Loss Medic Agrees with Dr. Oz

Willpower alone is not enough. Diet and exercise are not the answer for the millions who have tried to lose weight. Help is needed to succeed.

A short video clip of Dr. Oz is available on the EPXBody website. In the video Dr. Oz explains several important facts for anyone who would like to lose weight:

  • The success measurement to keep track of is not your weight, but instead it is your waist size measured in inches at the belly button. The goal should be to get the waist size to be half your height or less.
  • If you eat unhealthy food it will end up being processed through the liver and end up adding to the omentum – belly fat. (NOTE: Dr. Oz actually shows real omentum in the video, holding up health omentum and then unhealthy omentum. Yuk!)
  • A big omentum, or belly fat, poisons the liver, causes high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, diabetes, and hypertension (high blood pressure). Read more

The History of Sea Vegtables

By Scott Kennedy, nutritionist and formulator of Daily Sea Veg

It has always been accepted in Japan that eating sea vegetables like Nori and Wakame will prolong life. Now Japanese and other scientists have demonstrated that such assumptions are not so far fetched, given their proven ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as thinning the blood.

Kelp and other seaweeds have the ability to synthesize sunlight into Vitamin D in their tissues, not unlike humans do within their skin. These are the only plants that do this in any appreciable amount.

In the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh, which is considered the source of the Biblical story of the great flood, the hero brings up from the depths of the sea a “plant” said to bestow eternal youth and immortality on the eater.

In about 3000 B.C., Shen Nung venerated in China as the “Father of Medicine” prescribed “plants of the sea” to all those desiring a long life, as did Confucius. Read more

Clinical trials show EPXbody Burn is effective aid in weight loss!

The key weight-loss ingredient in EPXbody Burn, Irvingia Gabonensis, is backed by scientific research and clinical studies not to mention countless individual success stories from people just like you!

In a breakthrough that could reverse the global obesity epidemic, the natural compound Irvingia Gabonensis – also known as African Mango extract – has been discovered to circumvent the molecular factors involved in obesity.

“More weight loss than any other discovery in supplement history,” declared William Faloon, Director of the Life Extension Foundation1 (a global authority on nutrition, health, and wellness).

“For once, the claims that African Mango can cause significant weight loss and even improve blood fat levels,
are being supported by some scientific studies,” reported the “Diet Doc” Dr. Ingrid van Heerden (registered dietitian and award-winning scientific reporter). Read more