What NOT to Eat to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tips

Easy Weight Loss Tips

Diet and exercise are recommended for anyone who wants to lose weight, but for most of us that task is sometimes too difficult to achieve. Here are some changes most people can make to their diet that are fairly easy.

Never Eat these Foods

  • Eliminate all sugar beverages, including diet drinks. This includes milk, soy milk, and all fruit juice. Drink only pure water, and make sure you drink at least 64 ounces a day.
  • Eliminate all margarine from your diet. Butter is far better.
  • Do not eat any baked goods such as cake, muffins, pastas, or breads. You can eat whole wheat products that have no preservatives.
  • Do not eat ANY processed foods. If it contains preservatives, don’t eat it.
  • Do not eat ANY foods that contain genetically modified ingredients such as corn or soy.
  • Do not take ANY vitamins that are chemically created (synthetic). Only take vitamins that are made directly from plants.

What to Eat

  • Snack between meals on Fruits and Raw Vegetables.
  • Eat ORGANIC Meat and other Protein – NO added chemicals, NO preservatives.
  • You want Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Example: 3 Brown Organic Eggs for Breakfast.
  • Water, Water, Water – Drink at least 64 ounces a day or MORE!

What if you cannot do it all? No worries. Just follow this as much as you can. There is no need to become an extremist on this issue. Do the best you can, and progressively do more.

Help from a Pill

Vitamins and nutrients are essential to our overall health, and it is not safe to get those from low-priced synthetic vitamins. Studies have shown that those vitamins do far more harm than good.

The only vitamins that are safe and will actually help you to become healthier are derived from plants. They cost more, but they work. They will even help you lose weight. The only one that I recommend is made from seaweed, and is extremely high quality. It is EPXBody Daily, which is specially formulated by Farma Sea. For more details just CLICK HERE.


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Dave Bresnahan, the Weight Loss Medic





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